Our sanitizer business was born during the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2020, we got a call from The Ottawa Hospital asking if we can make hand sanitizer since their regular supplier couldn’t get product from the US. At the same time, we also got requests from the Department of National Defense, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and hundreds of small businesses looking for sanitizer. We made the decision to stop Vodkow production and pivot to making sanitizer for our community. The first few months were frantic as we scrambled to find the components needed to deliver thousands of bottles a week. We also had to learn how to make gel and foam sanitizer that met Health Canada specifications. We were thrilled when frontline workers told us they liked our sanitizer better than what they used before. In the first 6-months of the pandemic we delivered 220,000L of hand sanitizer without missing a single delivery. The Ontario government recognized our efforts and granted us funds to scale up our sanitizer production. Our facility in Almonte, Ontario now has the capacity to make and deliver 500,000 liters of sanitizer a year.
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Carbon Neutral Alcohol

At Dairy Distillery, we make our sanitizer using ethanol (alcohol) we produce from a dairy byproduct called milk permeate. Thanks to our upcycling of a byproduct and efficient production, our ethanol has a very low carbon footprint. We purchase carbon offsets from Tree Canada to make all our ethanol carbon neutral. Our carbon neutral ethanol and recyclable PET packaging make our hand sanitizer the most sustainable on the planet.

Supply Chain Security

The pandemic demonstrated the fragility of the global supply chain. Hand sanitizer is made mostly of ethanol and Canada imports 40% of its ethanol needs. At Dairy Distillery, we make our own ethanol using a dairy byproduct whose supply was uninterrupted during the pandemic. Making our own ethanol reduces our exposure to supply chain interruptions. Dairy Distillery is also 100% Canadian owned ensuring we’ll always be able to service Canadian customers despite global trade restrictions.

High Standards

Dairy Distillery was one of the first distilleries to be approved by Health Canada to supply hand sanitizer. We invested in the equipment to test our ethanol to certify it meets USP standards. Our production team follows Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure our products are of consistent quality and meet the required Health Canada specifications.

German Engineering

We’ve partnered with Ophardt Hygiene Technologies, the leading manufacturer of medical grade dispensers. Ophardt’s German engineered dispensers provide for unmatched quality and style. Like Dairy Distillery, Ophardt was awarded a grant from the Ontario government to produce dispensers in Ontario. Our sanitizer combined with Ophardt’s dispensers and cartridges allows us to offer a 100% made in Ontario solution.

Canada-wide Distribution

Our efforts during the pandemic attracted the attention of Canada’s oldest medical distributor, The Stevens Company. Established in 1830, Stevens has distribution and service staff across Canada with locations in Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Vancouver. We’ve partnered with Stevens to distribute our hand sanitizer and dispenser to Canadian healthcare institutions.